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Included in Social Media Video Services


Whether you need to record a screen, record an act, or design animations, our team is well-equipped to create all types of social media videos according to your vision.


If you already have content, our professional editors will transform your raw data into an engaging video that will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.


Leave it to the Digital Elites to plan social media video strategy and write a script or Video Sales Letter to engage your audience better and build your authority as a brand.


Our team includes voiceover artists of almost every language and accent that will make your social media videos more attractive through the magic of their voices.

How We Create Social Media Videos



We always start with planning using the data we collect from you and our research to ensure we follow the same vision as you and achieve the goals from the production of each video.  




Our expert copywriters turn your instructions into magical words that are attractive, engaging, and deliver the right message, and then our voiceover artists make the best of that script. 




Whether you need animation or recording, leave it to our video content experts to create videos planned to achieve the specific goals you have defined in the most efficient manner. 




The final and most important work of social media video production services is done by our editing team, which brings out the real power of each video through their editing skills. 


Why the Digital Elites


Social Video Strategy

We don’t just create videos; we create and follow a social video strategy that is designed to focus on your goals and the long-term benefit of your brand.


Mobile-Friendly Videos

Since half the social media traffic comes from mobile devices, we create videos considering their small screen size to ensure maximum engagement.


Audience Persona Research

The Digital Elites makes time to thoroughly study the target audience of each video to create better and more engaging content to bring better results.


Tailored for Each Platform

Our team is well-versed in video types of each social platform, such as reels and banner videos and their dimensions, and tailors its work accordingly.


Designed for Lead Generation

We plan and design our social media video production services considering the most important marketing goal of generating maximum qualified leads.


Personal Account Manager

Each of our clients gets a personal account manager to cater to their needs and provide fast support regardless of the size of the business they give us.

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Got a Question?

Although it mainly depends on your requirements, producing a professional social media video takes at least one week. 

Reach out to us through our Contact Us Page, email us at, or call us at +971 52 884 5953 and share your requirements. Our team will schedule a meeting and get started on your work right away. 

  1. Attracts your target audience
  2. Educates your prospects
  3. Spreads brand awareness
  4. Strengthens customer loyalty
  5. Improves engagement rate
  6. Increases leads and sales

One social media video production of around 1 minute would cost anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000. However, the Digital Elites prides itself on providing better service at market-competitive charges. 

From production and marketing point of view, generally, there are three types:

  • Shorts and Reels
  • Banner Videos
  • Full-Length Videos

The Digital Elites offers all types of social media video production services for all platforms with best-personalized customer support. 

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