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200+ Reviews

Our Story

While COVID-19 was a difficult time for local businesses all around the world, the demand for digital services was at an all-time high. A lot of professionals were laid off from their jobs, and they had no other option but to work on their own startups. 

They were really skilled in their trade, but most of them didn’t know how to digitize their businesses to attract sales in the strict lockdown. 

With a large number of new service providers and veteran giants already monopolizing each industry, there was no shortage of challenges for any small and medium organization.

They had to stand out from the crowd while surviving against the monopolies. 

To help these businesses stand out and create opportunities in those tough times, Omer Farooq, an expert digital marketer with over 5 years of experience, built a team of the most skilled professionals he knew and created a digital marketing company by the name of the Digital Elites.

In the short span of three years, they have helped dozens of small businesses build multiple digital streams of sales and automate their processes. The Digital Elites now has teams in the Middle East and the United States of America, and it is expanding to other continents. 

How We Got Here

What started as a friendship at a workplace soon turned into a business partnership thanks to their mutual passion for ‘Learning More’ and ‘Doing Better’. Our CEO and COO, Salman and Omar, started their professional life 10 and 20 years ago and have converted several SMEs into top companies of their industries. They proved themselves Elites in their fields and started an agency together that they named The Digital Elites. Since then, they have helped dozens of businesses grow revenue through their ROI-driven digital solutions. 

Our Mission

Break Up the Monopolies in Business

Our Vision

Build a World with Equal Opportunities for All

Our Core Values


We respect your values, ideas, culture, and investment.


We are committed to bringing ROI for clients.


We built our core values on professional ethics.


We enjoy exploring new ideas and challenges.

Why Our Clients Choose Us


We Put Their Success First

Even if it means a loss for us, we make sure that our clients benefit from our services in every possible way by giving the right suggestions or making client-centered decisions.


All Solutions in One Place

They don’t have to go anywhere else for anything when they are working with a resourceful digital agency that has a big team of professionals from all industries and fields.


They Don’t Doubt Our Expertise

Our clients love us because they know we are indeed Elite professionals who have conquered their specific fields, which you will also notice once you start working with us.


Our Solid Professional Ethics

They rely on us knowing that we don’t look for shortcuts or any unethical means to increase our profit margins by deceiving our clients, even if they don’t have technical expertise.


Great Client Relationship Managers

We have to give credit to our client relationship managers who strictly follow our company value of providing the best and most personalized customer service to each client.


ROI-Based Business Solutions

Working with us is not an expense; it’s an investment whose return you will notice yourself, and we will keep sharing detailed reports with you at every milestone to prove our value.

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