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CAM-SPAM and GDPR Complied Email Marketing Campaigns that Engage, Convert, and Sell

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Types of Marketing Emails

Cold Mailing

Send personalized emails in bulk to a new audience without annoying them and get a higher reply and conversion rate with our cold mailing campaigns.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture your subscribers into becoming a client through carefully planned lead nurturing email sequences that change their perception of your business.


Leave it to our experts to keep your audience engaged and loyal through planned newsletters that offer them value and build your image as a brand.

Drip Campaigns

We will set up drip campaigns with Welcome, Re-engagement, or Top-of-Funnel emails that will automatically get sent based on the actions of your audience.

Our Process


Audience Segmentation

We start our work by studying your target and dividing them into segments according to their personas and stages in the buyer’s journey to send personalized and effective emails. 



Sequence Planning

According to the type of campaign, different sales or marketing email sequences are sent to each segmentation according to their attributes to achieve one specific objective. 



Email Copywriting

Our experts write engaging and persuasive email copies for each stage of sequences while considering all the Dos and Don’ts that could cause the email to end up in the spam folder. 



Automation Setup

With segmented audiences, planned sequences, and designed email copies, we set campaigns to run automatically on email marketing software chosen by our client. 



A/B Testing

The Digital Elites creates and runs multiple personalized campaigns for the audience of each client to conduct A/B testing to keep improving our email marketing efforts.  



Analysis and Reporting

We keep collecting and analyzing data received through email marketing to better understand the market and target audience and report it to our clients for useful insights. 


What’s Included in Our Email Marketing Service


Sequence Strategy

We always do thorough research and devise a strategy for the email sequence to make sure your audience doesn’t feel violated getting reached out through this free marketing channel.


Text Email Copy

With a plan in hand, our copy experts write multiple brief, engaging, and powerful email copies, each with an objective to educate, engage, market, or sell to your target audience.


Graphical Email

According to the campaign and requirements of each client, our team converts the email copies into creative HTML designs that are light, attractive, and engaging for every recipient.


Automation Setup

The Digital Elites will also set up automated email campaigns for you in the marketing software of your desire, whether it’s HubSpot, MailChimp, SendGrid, ActiveCampaign, or any other tool.

Why the Digital Elites

MX Record Setup

Our team always checks and sets or suggests all MX records of your email addresses to make sure they don’t end up in spam folders and provide a personal touch to the recipient. 

Data Analysis

The Digital Elites utilizes the power of data to its extent by analyzing information received through email marketing campaigns and converting them into powerful insights. 

Installation of ESP

Our experts work with you to install and set up an Email Service Provider so you can start sending emails with an automated process that feels personalized through our strategies. 

Consistently Updating

We are professionals who take pride in our work, and to stay competent, we are always learning and improving our practices and strategies with new research and trends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Key Performance Indicators are the same for email marketing campaigns, which include Open Rate, Click-through Rate, and Reply Rate. More advanced KPIs may be added according to the type of campaign. 

The Digital Elites is well-versed with all popular email marketing tools such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign. We can set up email marketing automation on any tool demanded by our clients. 

An email sequence is a number of connected emails sent one after another according to a planned interval, each with its own objective to engage, retain, or attract a prospect. 

Here are the practices we follow to ensure emails don’t get marked as spam.

  1. Set all their MX records to perfection.
  2. Use Titles that are relevant and attractive.
  3. Avoid the use of spam words in the copy.
  4. Make email useful for the recipient. 
  5. Follow all GPDR and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels, with an average ROI of 3600%. Email Marketing helps you reach out to new prospects and improves customer loyalty and upselling/cross-selling. 

  1. Cold Emails: If you want to reach to new audience directly.
  2. Lead Nurturing Sequence: If you want to convert your subscribers to customers. 
  3. Newsletters: If you want to improve loyalty and keep your customers engaged.

Drip Campaigns: If you want to stay connected to customers through automated emails.

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