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User Interfaces and Experiences We Design

UI/UX for Web

Launch your web application with the Digital Elites without the fear of failing. Our UI designers will handle everything from Requirement Definition to Signature Experience Design.

UI/UX for Mobile

Small screens can be challenging, but not for Elite UI/UX designers. We know exactly how to design an Information Architecture that covers all use case scenarios in an interactive manner.

SaaS UI/UX Design

You focus on the technical side and leave the user interface and user experience to the experts at the Digital Elites, who will conduct A/B tests until they create the best user interface.

Enhance User Experience

Not happy with your current User Experience? Allows us to revamp your UI framework for enhanced experience without affecting any functionalities or backend technicalities.

Our Elite UI/UX Designing Process


Studying Client’s Goals

We don’t edit the designs of basic management systems found on the internet. Our Lead UI designer will conduct a meeting session to understand the vision and mission of your company and the objectives of your system. 



Competitor Analysis

Our designers make a list of all your competitors to see what they are doing and look for gaps where we can do better than them to ensure your users get a better interface and experience and you get a competitive advantage. 



Defining User Journey

Product designers at the Digital Elites write User Flow and all Use Case Scenarios after studying your goals to ensure they make the easiest, shortest, and most interactive User Journey that provides the best User Experience. 




With clear goals and a well-defined user journey, our UI designers create a sketch of the entire User Interface called a Wireframe that serves as a visual guide to represent the skeletal framework of your website or software. 




Once we have a final and approved wireframe, we design a draft version of the product called Prototype for user interface and optimize it to showcase the overall design concept before investing money into development. 



Touch of Branding

We make sure your user interface is polished according to all your Brand Style Guidelines so that every color, shape, and clipart feels connected and manifests your brand vision and mission without saying a word. 


What Makes Our Interface and Experience Better


Real Competitor Analysis

Our experts will even register on your competitors’ platforms to study the experience of all their user roles and identify how we can create a user interface for you that’s better than theirs.


UX for the Laziest Gen-Z

We create each interface so easy and self-explanatory that even the internet users of the twenty-first century with the shortest attention span feel comfortable and keep using your service.


Approval at Every Stage

We keep our clients onboard throughout the entire process by sharing wireframes and prototypes in a way that they can approve or ask for updates at just a single glance without wasting their time.


Finished with Branding

Our finished product always comes with a touch of brand according to your styling guidelines to make your platform stand out from the rest and be recognized right away by your prospects.

Why Invest in a Good User Interface

Better Customer Retention

A great interface means your prospects will keep using and keep coming to your platform. 

Increase Conversion Rate

A better experience will pass all tests, make users comfortable, and increase conversion rate. 

Competitive Advantage

Our experts ensure that your designs are better than your competitors to give you an edge over them. 

Build Brand Recognition

A good user interface is aligned with your brand style to make your platform easily recognizable. 

Lower Development Cost

The work of our professionals cuts unnecessary steps, ambiguities, and redundancies, saving you money. 

Stay Relevant for Decades

With a futuristic approach and scalable model, our interface will keep your platform relevant for decades. 

Tool We Use for UI/UX Designing

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

User Interface focuses on Designs, Branding, and Responsiveness, while User Experience focuses on the User, Strategy, and Content of the Designs. The Digital Elites follows a process that utilizes both simultaneously to deliver a product that is both Attractive and Interactive. 

The Digital Elites offers UI/UX for all kinds of products and platforms. You will get interactive designs that provide a great user experience on mobile, web, and desktop. 

Although designers can do pretty much everything if you just tell us what the product does, we can do a better job if you also share information about your business goals, brand guidelines, and intended audience.

To keep our process transparent and clients onboard without wasting their valuable time, we send wireframes and prototypes for their approval if required by them. We also share initial research and discuss each step if the client wants to be a part of the process. 

The charges of designing a UI/UX depend on the requirements and size of the project. However, you should expect a quote anywhere between $500 to $10,000.

The Digital Elites team is well-versed in Illustrator, Sketch, InVision Studio, Figma, Marvel, Adobe XD, and Axure. We also use specific tools according to the requirements of the client.

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