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Web Design and Development for Amiri Holdings



Build a Perfect Website


Amiri Holdings



Services Involved

Web Designing and Development

UI/UX Designing

Before the development, our creative team followed the process below to design a perfect UI/UX that would achieve the client’s goal of an attractive and engaging website. 


Defining User Journey

Our product designers wrote the User Flow and all Use Case Scenarios after studying the client’s goals to design the easiest, shortest, and most interactive User Journey that provides the best User Experience.



With clear goals and a well-defined user journey, our UI designers created a sketch of the entire User Interface that served as a visual guide to represent the skeletal framework of their website.



Next, we designed a draft version of the user interface that showcased the entire flow and functionality with clickable buttons, links, and simulated transitions before sending it to the client for approval.


Visual Design

After the client’s approval, we created the final visual design that included elements like color, typography, and imagery while ensuring brand consistency and optimal layout.

Web Development

Once we had completed UI/UX, our developers started developing a website that matched the perfection level of the designs. They chose the most suitable technology according to the client’s requirements and built a website that, in addition to many others, had all of the following features. 

Responsive on All Platforms

Our developers made sure the website MJNK HCHR consulting is responsive on all platforms and provides the best experience on all browsers, devices, and screens of all sizes.

Optimized for Search Engines

We followed all Search Essential Guidelines of Google and used our professional experience to make sure that the website passes all tests and is easy to crawl, index, and rank.

Light and Fast Loading

Our development and quality assurance teams ensured that the website used minimum resources and loads at the best possible speed to fully optimize it for search engines and the user.

Solid and Secure Website

We implemented all security protocols through quality assurance and proper security configurations to keep the website safe from cyber-attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

The Result

The new website of MJNK HCHR Consulting has been working flawlessly since its deployment. It offers a friendly user interface, provides a better user experience, loads fast with minimum resources, engages visitors right away, and ranks more easily. 

It has helped them build a proper online presence through search engine rankings and a better engagement rate. Our client reported a significant increase in their online business within weeks of deploying the new website. 

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